My Little Blessing's Preschool-Daycare

                                              Bible Lessons!

 In addition to daily preschool activities we also offer creative and fun daily bible lessons that teach basic Christian values and lessons from the bible. Come grow in the word with us! See my contact page if you have any questions.


God's Eternal Seeds

We need to keep on sowing
The seeds of Jesus Christ
Of hope, grace and mercy
Into our children’s lives

For they need to know God’s love
And the hope there is in Him
Of receiving eternal salvation
And forgiveness of their sins

For if we remain faithful
In the sowing of this seed
We will reap the rewards of it
As we see them come to believe

And be planted like a tree
Beside God’s flowing river
So they will be continually refreshed
And their leaves shall never wither

Their fruit shall also be
Ready in its season
Freely given out to those
Whose lives they’re sowing seeds in

So as we keep on sowing
We shall surely reap
A bountiful harvest in their lives
From God’s eternal seeds