My Little Blessing's Preschool-Daycare

                                               Our Philosophy

It is the goal of My Little Blessing’s Preschool-Daycare to provide a high quality program that inspires learning in a nurturing Christian environment for children ages 0-6. Our second goal is to offer this at a reasonable cost.

 Our program is designed with Christian values in mind. Our goal is to create positive, developmentally appropriate learning experiences, promote confidence and self-esteem, and facilitate age appropriate activities. We employ a loving, well qualified staff while maintaining an inviting home-like environment that is culturally minded. Parent involvement though the website, newsletters, private Facebook page and our open door policy is encouraged.

Children learn very rapidly between the ages of birth to 5. We understand that what they learn in the first five years will determine how well they do in their first years of school. Our staff will keep in mind that all children learn at their own pace and will establish goals for each child based on their own skill level. Assessments are done at least once a year to ensure that each child is growing and developing appropriately within the program. Parent teacher conferences are a part of the assessment process and new goals are given each time.

With love and support, our well trained and educated staff will help each child to reach their personal best. My Little Blessing’s Preschool -Daycare makes biblical education a part of it’s curriculum. Our staff will help the children learn that Jesus loves and cares for each of them. Our program is designed to meet the developmental and spiritual needs of children in a Christian atmosphere of respect, warmth and love.