My Little Blessing's Preschool-Daycare


Year round Preschool lessons are planned weekly that promote child development for all ages! We like to teach in the form of play based learning which we believe will foster a love for lifetime learning. All of our curriculum is planned new weekly according to the FOUNDATIONS to the Indiana Academic Standards. Our lessons are exciting and creative! We offer a child-led classroom and plan our curriculum based on the interests of the children in our care and also based on their level of development. The goal of the program is kindergarten readiness.

All activities support one or more of the following and follow the guidelines of the FOUNDATION to Indiana Academic Standards and are done daily for all ages:





Visual Arts

Physical Education and Health

Social Studies

English/ Language Arts

ASL Sign Language is promoted here and learned by kids as early as 8 months old. Offering young children another way to communicate while they learn verbal language skills is important to the child and the parent/caregivers. Sign language has so many benefits because it reduces frustration that a child feels when they want to communicate something, but don't know how other than to cry. Learning sign language helps the parent/caregiver to more easily see the needs of the child, which reduces moments of stress.  Sign language also makes it easier for children to communicate with friends in a group setting and is just an overall benefit to the child socially. Sign language is not taught, but learned through everyday activities as we sign and speak verbally to the kids at the same time.

We enjoy play based learning.We enjoy cooking together, analyzing and reporting the weather, art, and much, much more all while keeping the parents informed of our daily activities so you can be a part of the fun and learning! We would love to have your child join the fun!! See the contact page to ask any questions or for enrollment information.

Parents are made aware of lessons daily through a private Facebook page that is set up just for families of the program. The staff upload pictures daily of the children and the lessons they are doing. Each post tells parents about the activity and then explains the goal of the lesson. The hope is that what we do at school will carry over to home through the information on the page. It is a valuable resource for allowing parents to see what goes on in the day so they can ask their child questions at the end of the day. The page also offers reassurance to parents while they are away and is a great comfort to them as they can see their children at school while they are at work.