My Little Blessing's Preschool-Daycare

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We started attending My Little Blessings in May of 2013.  Although our daughter is our third child, it was our first experience with a true daycare setting.  I was nervous, but Becky was so open and eager to communicate with us to help us feel ready for the transition. 

Our daughter loves going to daycare, she has a true and genuine connection with Becky and the other staff members.  What’s even better than that?  They love her just as much!  As we say our goodbyes to Becky and her staff at night, it’s normally followed up with an “I love you” to our daughter.  It’s hard leaving your little one in the care of someone else all day, but knowing the person loves them like their own makes it so much easier!

-- Amanda Feuquay

City of Bloomington
Public Works 


I could truly never say enough nice things about Becky. She LOVES children. She teaches, loves and nurtures the children in her care. She is more than just a daycare owner; she truly cares about the total well-being of the children in her daycare. This daycare, I believe, is her ministry. My granddaughter gets excited at just the mention of Becky's name. If you are looking for a loving, trustworthy daycare for your child, look no further.

Tammy Benham


Becky is a Blessing from GOD. My girls just love her! I couldn't have asked for a better child care professional.



Becky, is one of my dearest earthly friends.. She has been such a blessing to me, she is always ready to uplift me and pray for me. Just a wonderful Christ like lady!! love ya Becky


After I had my little boy, I needed to find someone I could trust to leave him with when I returned to work. Loving child care was the most important thing to me, and I am very glad I chose Becky. I knew her through her own children, who are wonderful, and she does a great job with the children in her daycare. My son loves her.


:) I must say, if you are looking for a loving, caring, and considerate person... look no farther!  Becky and her Husband have got to be the most wonderful Christ like people I have ever met! They are dear friends to me and my family and very trust worthy! They are true to their word! They have lots of experience working with children of all ages! They take each child to heart like their own. They are outstanding youth directors at their church and have always made my son feel welcome and treated him no different than any other child even with his disability! They are truly patient people who let God lead there life. They will not disappoint you! Trust God and give them a try! God Bless...



Becky is one of the most caring people I know. My husband and I moved to Indiana 4 years ago from New york. My son was at a different daycare but then in aug of 2007 he started kindergarten and we had a little girl the month before. We needed childcare for our baby and before and afterscahool care for our son. I found Becky through a co-worker. I went back to work and Becky takes care of my children like they were her own. My son looks forward to going to her house and my little girl lightens up when she sees her. This could not make me feel better as a mother going to work knowing that my children are happy and safe.


I recently moved to Bloomington and had to find somewhere for my daughter to go. I was quite reluctant about finding a child care provider because I had only left her with family prior to the move. I checked out several daycares in the area but nothing seemed to fit. Either they were too expensive, too dirty, or just rude. When I first talked to Becky over the phone she was very polite and informative. She allowed us to come and check out her place without pressuring us to make a decision. A couple weeks later we let her know that we wanted to enroll our daughter. Since then I have been grateful to find such a caring person to look after our little one. My daughter reaches for her every morning and gives her a big squeeze. I know she's in go hands when I'm at work which helps with my anxiety over leaving her. I wouldn't take my liitle girl any where else.

 Thanks Becky! :)



I moved to Bloomington a few months ago and having watched kids before, I was looking for some one who I could really trust to take care of my kids. I found Becky and her family I have never felt more comfortable leaving both my children with her. My 22 month old is with her most of the time and he would always get excited when I tell him that I am going to take him to Becky. She is a wonderful person, and its indeed a blessing finding a nice christian home like hers to leave my children. Thank you for taking care of my children Becky. You have been a blessing.


Our previous sitter had to discontinue her daycare and we were without not knowing what to do for our children. Through a very trustworthy and reliable friend we found Becky and are ever so thankful we did. Our children are truly happy in her care and it shows. They get excited when we say we're going to "Becky's house". It is such a relief to know that we do not have to worry about our children while they are in her care.



We are so thank you for Becky and her family! The girls really have so much fun that we can't get them to go home with us! We love you!


I was in desperate need of a daycare for my son. A good friend told me about Becky. I called had an appointment to meet her and see her place and the next week Eli was enrolled. I'm very thankful for her. Eli is only 9 months and is happy at Becky's. I feel confortable leaving him with her and thats a wonderful feeling. I had Eli in a daycare prior to Becky and it was truly a nightmare. He didnt last 4 days. When Ashley mentioned Becky's daycare I was sceptical...But i'm happy with her and so is Eli.


UPDATE: We have been with Becky for over a year now. She is the greatest child caretaker ever!! We have since expanded our family and do not worry when we leave our kids in her care. She has been teaching our pre-school age child to identify the alphabet, counting, and also to spell. They have circle time and learn so much there! It's truly amazing how she does it all, but we're so grateful she does. We and our kids could not be happier.



First, to Becky: Love your website! :O) Becky watched my 2 boys when I lived in Bloomington... She was an answer to our prayers! I never had to worry about them not being fed "good" food ... sitting in wet/dirty diapers...coming home dirty (with food all over them from lunch) She was FABULOUS!!! It was great peace of mind to know that my kids were left with someone who I knew would treat them as her own. My kids are now 8 & 5 and still talk about how much they loved playing at Becky's house! You will not regret leaving your bundles of joy with her ... she's one in a million!!! The only reason I still don't use her services... I live in KY now .. kind of a long drive to Bloomington, haha!


Amy Silvernail:
When I have picked up our son Joel from My Little Blessings Daycare, he is having so much fun, he doesn't want to leave! I feel I can trust Becky and have a peace of mind that my child is in good hands. I would recommend Becky to anyone.


Becky is wonderful with my daughter Adrianna. Every time I go to pick her up she is always happy and having so much fun! If you want to leave your child with someone who truly cares about them and their happiness look no further....Becky is it! Becky- Thank you for all that you do! You are a blessing to us!


There are not enough words to describe how wonder Becky aka "Miss 'ecky" is to myself and my 2 year old daughter, Isabelle. First, I love the home-like atmosphere and personalized care Becky provides. I feel like I'm leaving her with a relative or good friend and not at "daycare." Second, I love all the fun things they get to do. Wow! Whether it's the felt board, jello making, crafts, sock sorting (ingenius idea by the way, Becky), I know Isabelle is sure to be having fun. Third, good home cooked meals. And Friday is bring your lunch. Isabelle loves packing her lunch on Thursday night in her very own lunchbox. Does Becky have to do this? No. But how fun is it to watch my daughter laugh and smile as she carries it into the house? It's just the best. And lastly, because really, I could go on, I love that almost every morning Isabelle smiles as we pull in the driveway and says, "Miss 'ecky's house!" priceless. Ms. Becky, thank you for all that you do! You will have a jewel in your Heavenly crown.


Becky and her family are awesome!!!!!! Our 4 month old daughter Ruby has been with her since she we 10 weeks old and I can tell we have made the right choice with Becky!! From the first day I left her under Becky's care I have never felt anxious about it. I had taken her to another daycare prior to finding Becky and was a nervous wreck about it. Her house is very clean and homey, and we love the country setting! Every morning when I drop Ruby off she looks and Becky and gets the biggest smile on her face!!!! You can immediately tell that Becky cares for each child there so much, and treats them like her own!!!! Thanks Becky!!!!!


We've been with Becky for almost 2 months now and we cannot say enough great things about her & her day care. We were amazed that she got our little girl broke of the bottle in the first week and had her on the sleeping schedule there with no problems. She is doing an amazing job teaching our little girl right from wrong, and we love that she teaches things from the bible. You can tell how much she loves the kids/babies she watches, they are a part of her family. We also love that she takes the time to do things with the kids, such as crafts. It made me overjoyed to see my daughters first art project, and it was all due to Beckys creativity and love for teaching the kids fun things. We are going to cherish it forever. My husband and I feel great about our decision to go with My Little Blessings. She truly is a blessing from God.


Jennifer :
Becky is awesome and truly cares about our daughter. :-) It is a huge comfort to know our child is in good hands and being properly cared for when we are at work. I highly recommend her! :-)



We absolutely love this daycare and are truly happy here. I will never look for another childcare place again nor will my kids ever go anywhere else again. My kids are truly happy here. It is a relief that I can drop my kids off where  they feel comfortable and I don't have to pry them off me. I can't say enough nice things about Becky. She truly, truly loves her job and has a passion for kids. She truly cares for my kids and all the kids she has. She loves and nurtures them which is a huge relief as both my husband and I work. My kids love her dearly and they have learned so much in the short time they have been going. My three year old and one year old are back on track and we owe it to Becky. Becky is such a blessing. I love watching my kids learn about God and learn about the bible. Becky and Miss Ashley are truly amazing and we are so blessed to have found this awesome childcare. So thank you, Becky for being who you  are  and for letting your light  shine. :-)